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Explore whether Chamberlain made the charge at Rives's Salient

Explore the testimony of Ellis Spear

Did Chamberlain command the surrender ceremony?

Was Chamberlain responsible for stopping a 15th Alabama monument?

What happened to the Chamberlain monument at Gettysburg?

Begin a look at Chamberlain's Appomattox speeches, and follow links to each subsequent speech to see how they changed over time.

Explore the controversy over Big Round Top

Joshua Chamberlain Memorial Fund

February 24, 2014, was the 100th anniversary of the death of Civil War veteran Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and June 18th will be the 150th anniversary of his wounding at Petersburg. In remembrance of these historic anniversaries, the Joshua Chamberlain Society and will be starting a memorial fund to honor this warrior's memory while helping modern-day wounded warriors. click here to learn more.

A note to the reader:

This website is a collection of primary resource documents for the Civil War General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. If you are unfamiliar with the term primary and secondary resource, a primary historical resource is something written by someone who was there, a secondary resource is a biography or history written later by a historian who has interpreted the primary resources.

Secondary resources can be tainted by the era in which they were written. Cultural themes of the day, whether of heroism, pacifism, social justice, or other such things can slant interpretations. That being said there are nevertheless many great and thoroughly researched biographies about Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, from such authors as John J. Pullen, Diane Monroe Smith and Alice Rains Trulock. A secondary resource is really the best place to start if you have no prior knowledge about Chamberlain.

Primary resources can also be flawed; memories can be fuzzy, or pride can slant the telling of them. So as you navigate this site please keep that in mind. While I have a lot of things, I do not have everything. One of the best primary resources are letters, and those I cannot share with you. I can however recommend books that have most of them published. See References

Having this information on a website allows me to do so much more than I could in a book. I will point you to the parts of a text that pertain to Chamberlain as I could in a book, but here you are free to flip through the entire source. Also if one source references another I will link you to that source for comparison.
While this site is under construction information may change as new material comes to light. If you disagree with me on a point or discover a typo or broken link please email me at:

As a researcher for the History Channel I was afforded very little time to do my own work, however being a great admirer of Chamberlain's I have managed to collect this research over the years.

Countless hours have been spent collecting all these sources into one place. And while much of this information has already been presented by other historians in book form, there are several things that are unique to this site. I do ask that you would please consider this resource as you would a printed book and acknowledge it accordingly in your work.

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